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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

Random China (pt2) Kids

Glendyn Ivin

How cool is the little girls outfit below. Fashionistas and hipsters all over the world are falling over themselves trying to get the right look and here it is, put together by some awesome 6 year old in a small rural village in South West China.

The group of kids in the 3rd shot, told us, according to our translator, "...had never had their photo taken". We were set up to shoot on the side of this crazily steep mountain range and from out of nowhere I could hear kids giggling. I looked through some bushes and saw this cheeky bunch of kids 'spying' on us. My wife Nat (who is a dancer) managed to coax them out of hiding by playing a little dance game with them. The kids told us they were walking home from the local school which took them 2 hours(!).

It's hard to believe they had never had their photo taken, but their nervousness around the procedure and their shrills of laughter of seeing themselves on the digital screen on the back of the camera afterwards made it evident that it was definitely a rare occurrence.

I'm thinking more and more about that film in China...

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