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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

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Glendyn Ivin

After a 30 hour journey from Paris we arrived home just after midnight. Ollie went straight to bed to try and get a little sleep before starting high school today. He took it all in his stride and loved his first day... Cool kid! 

(photos taken last week in Knole Park, Kent, England)


Glendyn Ivin

For years I have been trying to find a simple and secure back-up solution for my film projects and photos. On a friends suggestion I bought a Drobo 5D and it's amazing!  I've spent the last few days unarchiving and backing up over 40 000 photos and terabytes of footage that I had stored across multiple hard drives.

During the process I've rediscovered photos and clips I'd totally forgotten about. Perhaps they were forgotten about for a reason, but I might start posting some here.

Thanks Drobo! Seriously one of the better pieces of technology I've bought. I cant quite explain the feeling of watching all those files land safely on my Drobo drive. Each photo backed up felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. 


Glendyn Ivin


Three giant chimneys drew us off the highway into Morro Bay. The 'three fingers' as they are referred to by locals belong to a disused gas plant that dominates the small harbour town along side the equally impressive Morro Rock.

Was great to watch the light change from late afternoon through till dark. To watch the colours intenisfy and shadows shift. Also had some great fish taco's for dinner!


Glendyn Ivin

My first 4th of July in the U.S was even better than I thought it would be. Nat and I ended up at a friends house in Pasadena where the Rose Bowl hosts one of the larger fireworks displays in L.A. It was a warm and very still night so when the fireworks exploded the smoke just hung in the valley air. This made the whole event even more beautiful. Huge, brightly coloured explosions were continually pumped into the massive cloud, diffusing the lights and explosions on a scale I've never seen before. It looked more like the birth of galaxies than cracker night.  

Driving home across L.A from Pasadena to Venice Beach that night all of L.A was alive with fireworks. Racing along the freeway was like driving through one extended firework display. Stunning. 


Glendyn Ivin


My friend Jonno leant me his beautiful Leica Monochrom camera for a couple of weeks. I'm a Leica obsessive but I've balked at the black and white only option, it just seems to limiting, but spending time with Jonno's camera, it didn't seem limiting, in fact it felt like new opportunities opened up before me. I ever so slightly started seeing the world a little differently. I had a taste of seeing a  colourless world where composition, texture and tone dominate. Maybe I might have a year where I only shoot black and white...


Glendyn Ivin

Halfway through shooting the first three episodes of The Beautiful Lie... Very fast and intense shooting. Reminding myself constantly what are the bare esentials I need to make the scene / sequence / story work. What's the 'essence' of the story and try and harness that. Trying to remain in the moment. Enjoying the ups and the downs. Mostly ups though!