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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin

Finally saw The Revenant. What an amazing, amazing achievement. I don't think I've been that blown away by a film since...well since Birdman! (and maybe 21 Grams before that!) Emerging out of the cinema I felt my senses heightened. The air seemed cleaner. The sun warmer. Colours more saturated and peak hour Lygon street seemed almost calm and quiet.

The whole approach to the way that film was realised makes absolute sense to me.  It's everything I aspire to as a filmmaker. The hyper realism, the humanity in the performances, the dream like poetry, the light, the immense geography, the extreme adventure of it etc... it's inspired me no end. It reminded me of quote I read recently...

 "I would photograph an idea rather than an object, a dream rather than an idea." Man Ray

The whole film feels like a dream... It's not so much the story or the performances that struck me in The Revenant, it's the 'spirit' of the film, the uncompromised dream like cinematic language. It just made sense to me on a purely emotional level. It felt essential, like oxygen. 


Glendyn Ivin

After a 30 hour journey from Paris we arrived home just after midnight. Ollie went straight to bed to try and get a little sleep before starting high school today. He took it all in his stride and loved his first day... Cool kid! 

(photos taken last week in Knole Park, Kent, England)


Glendyn Ivin

More and more it seems a moment is only really experienced if it's viewed via a screen, or 'documented' with a selfie. I imagine most of these people would have travelled a long way to 'see' the Mona Lisa, let alone many of the the other jaw-droppingly inspiring artworks at the Louvre. But rather than actually look and see the work with their eyes, nearly everybody looked at it via their screens or turned their backs to photograph themselves in front with the painting popping over their shoulder on the phone screen.

I know I'm being judgmental, I'm the first to document almost anything and I'm sure most people who go to the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa has a good day... but this was one of the weirdest things I've seen in a while, hence my own need to 'document' it. 


Glendyn Ivin

Happy New Year!

I've set myself a challenge in 2016 to shoot and upload a photograph everyday.

Even though I shoot fairly regularly, I want to get into the habit of shooting everyday. This challenge will be an exercise in finding an image that I have to publish even when I'm not particularly motivated. It will encourage me to make time each day to shoot and most importantly, I'm hoping it makes me a better photographer.

I'll do my best to publish the photograph daily. Hoaxville will still be updated semi-regularly as per normal and sometimes the photographs might appear here, however I've created a new Photo a Day page in the menu bar above where the photos will accumulate. 

I started the project with the image above, which was the very first frame I took in 2016, around 8:30am here in Switzerland. 

Hope you all have a creative and productive 2016!


Glendyn Ivin

Spending a month travelling through Europe with the family. Our first proper holiday in far to long. Feeling very lucky to be seeing the year out in such a stunning place. Currently in Unterseen, Switzerland, staying with my brother-law Tim who has lived here working as a river guide for the past 15 years.

So overwhelmingly beautiful. Short days, long shadows. Crisp air, soft highlights, crushed blacks, heavy contrast. Love. It. 


Glendyn Ivin

A few years ago when I was researching up and coming musical artists for the Coke Burn film, I stumbled across a rapper from Alabama called Yelawolf. Even though he had only released a few tracks and some cool mix-tapes at the time, he was too established for us to consider for the project as we were looking for artists well and truely under any radar. However, there was something really intriguing about Yelawolf and I continued to follow his career with interest. 

His most recent album Love Story is by far his most accomplished and defined released. He somehow manages to blend southern rap, rock and Nashville tinged country into a beautifully realised album that has become one of my favourite releases of 2015. 

Yelawolf toured Australia recently and I jumped at the chance to document one of his sold out shows here in Melbourne. Thanks Yelawolf, Bones and Klever for having me!

All images shot on a Leica Monochrom (what a camera!) with a 50mm Summilux / 28mm Summicron. 


Glendyn Ivin

I don't shoot film very often but when I do it's always exciting to see what little surprises turn up when the film is finally developed and the negs scanned. This week it was nice to discover a little extra bonus 'end of the roll' random image of Robert Bresson (on the cover of arguably the best book about filmmaking ever) staring out from my office bookshelf.

The colour shot of the geraniums was a little bonus from a recent recce as I find myself back directing a commercial which will take me through until the end of the year.  


Glendyn Ivin

Randomly stumbled across these three guys drinking cans of beer by a lake in Canberra, 2012. Wonder what they are up too now?