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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin

There is an old saying in edit suites, You never really finish an edit, you simply abandon it... With this in mind we locked the Safe Harbour edit on Friday and I'm happy to say the edits feel much more loved than abandoned.

I had the pleasure of working with editor Mark Atkin whom I had never worked with before but I have enjoyed every moment. Cutting television (like shooting it) is an intense process. We had about 10 days per episode so there are a lot of quick structural decisions up front and then as much massaging and finessing with the time you have left.

I have grown to love this pace and energy where a lot of decisions come from instinct. You explore and idea and then quickly commit either way. I'm always surprised by how much you can get done under pressure and the amount of freedom this provides. Like everything on Safe Harbour, my intent was to embrace the restriction and make something beautiful out of it! 


Glendyn Ivin

After a gruelling but wonderful six week shoot we wrapped production on Safe Harbour on Monday. Finishing a shoot is always bitter sweet. I love shooting. But even though I see every moment on set as a privilege and something to be cherished it is ultimately exhausting and in the end it just needs to stop. The creative, physical and the emotional energy just runs out.

I'm totally inspired and proud of the people I had around me on Safe Harbour. A superb cast and crew all dedicated to elevating what we had on the page to something above and beyond what our budget and schedule allowed. So very cool. I really do appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail. It really is amazing work. Thank you!

My body is tired but my head is buzzing, constantly mentally flicking through the thousands of images we have captured and how they might be best assembled in the edit...looking forward to it. So much beauty. 

And thank you Brisbane! I've really enjoyed shooting and living here over the last four months!