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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin

One of the reasons I came on board with Offspring was the opportunity to direct something that is tonally quite different to what I'm naturally drawn to as a filmmaker. I will always be in love with 'drama' and in particular the harder drama of films like Last Ride, but I know all to well, that kind of film and filmmaking is not for everyone. So even though I know I'm not destined for fluffy comedies (not that there is anything wrong with that) I'm also very interested in creating drama that is 'entertaining', in a more commercial sense. So I've been very focused on finding the tonal balance of Offspring which essentially walks the line between drama and comedy. One word that is used to help describe the tone is 'buoyant', meaning it bobs it's way between the two. It goes down into drama but quickly bobs up into comedy and then back down again. It's been a real challenge for me as a director and I know for some of the actors as well.

Early starts on set and late nights prepping for the next day shooting. It's all consuming, but I love that aspect of filmmaking. Constantly trying to make every minute count.

Here are some random snaps from the week. 'Waiting for my ride', 'Union Club Hotel', 'Union Club Hotel Toilet', 'Magic hour on the way to set'.

Amongst many amazing cast memebers, I had the pleasure this week of working with Lachy Hulme. I had watched and loved  The Hollowmen, so I was really keen to meet him and see how he worked. I'm happy to say I don't think I have ever quite met anyone like Lachy before. He brought such great energy to the set. Part class clown, part consummate professional, part force of nature. He is one of those film guys who seems to have an interest in everything and everyone to do with film. Between takes I overheard him talking to someone about an article he had just read in American Cinematographer, he chatted to the sound guys about the qualities of different rechargeable batteries, he loved my Leica, he could quote lines from any movie, and had enough stories to keep everyone amused for hours. All this and being completely focused on the job at hand. I look forward to the day our paths cross again Lachy!

Lachy peering out from behind the surgical mask. I told him I couldn't see him doing 'his acting' from behind the mask. He then reminded me of Hugo Weaving's great performance in V for Vendetta of which I think Lachy is channeling some of in the photo above.