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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

NYC pt1

Glendyn Ivin

I've just returned from twelve fun filled days in New York City. Man, I love that place so much. The impetus to head there this time, not that I need much encouragement, was Last Ride played at MoMA as part of  Adelaide Produces, a programme curated of films that have been produced with the assistance of the Adelaide Film Festival. I've been lucky enough to accompany the film to many great places around the world over the last year and half but this screening was very special indeed. Last Ride is unapologetically an 'art house' film, and MoMA is arguably one of THE greatest of art houses! Here, the audiences were really appreciative, their questions and comments afterwards were encouraging and insightful. It was a great experience all round. I think NY is the one city in the world other than Melbourne, where I feel at 'home'. When I'm there I feel as though every moment, on every street, holds the potential for something amazing to happen. A good friend described New York as 'Disneyland for Adults'. It's such an apt description. I love the way how you can have no real plan but just set off in a direction and you will soon stumble upon something great. Whether it be some incredible architectural, retail or gastronomic experience, strange and wonderful people or being drawn to the details and the incidental moments of beauty that spontaneously jump out while strolling block after glorious block.