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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin

For about 6 months of my life when I was about 24, I was obsessed, no, addicted, to a computer game called Marathon. It might look super clunky by todays standards but believe it or not, it had very immersive gameplay. I played my way through Marathon, Marathon 2 and then one day when I was about two thirds of the way Marathon Infinity, mid game, I just quit. I'd had enough. Like an alcoholic who had lost the thirst. I never felt like going back to it, it was just finsihed and I was done with the screen. I never really played another game like I did Marathon. I mucked around with Doom and Quake a bit, I really got into Tony Hawk on the PS2 with some housemates for a while and I love playing Little Big Planet with my son (when he's not banned from it). But I've mostly avoided video games mostly because I know how they can take hold of my every waking moment. And I've got other things I'd rather be consumed by. But... that might all change with this incredible 'trailer'... which looks SO freaking amazing!

Sometimes, when I'm in the edit suite for a commercial and we are having trouble making the cut work, I always joke about just cutting it so everything is in reverse, and then it will appear that it was meant to be confusing and tricky. But I doubt that was the case with this. It makes me really want to kill a ton of zombies!