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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

Last Ride DVD 'Unboxing'

Glendyn Ivin

I'm really happy with the final packaging (and the content) of the DVD release of Last Ride. Madman said yes to all my wishes, and with this release you can see them all come true.
I've always wanted to create a DVD that is not only has cool and what I hope are interesting extra features but also a really cool physical package.
I'm very pleased with the book that fits inside the case. It's 48 pages of photos taken through out the entire process of the film, from initial location scouting, through to a few of my favorite stills from the film. There is also a conversation between Mac Gudgeon and Denis Young about adapting the film from the book, as well as a printed version of my online journal of the 6 week shoot that started this blog over a year ago.
The films commentary was done by me, Cinematographer Greig Fraser and Editor Jack Hutchings. I've posted about that here.
There is also Cracker Bag which one the Palme d'Or for short film at Cannes in 2003, another short of mine called The Desert which was nominated for an AFI, I was able to do a commentary on this, as it's a strange little film that in many way was a test for the shooting of Last Ride. There are 'Deleted Scenes', 'Rehearsal footage' and whole bunch of other cool stuff.
The 2nd Disc also features Along For The Ride a 55 minute 'making of' made by my friends Jono and Tim. I think it's a really interesting film, but it's hard for me to look at it, as it's focused on me most of the time. The only direction I gave the boys while making the film was to not even think about making it a 'puff piece'. I find the majority of 'making of's' so full of puff and ego, with people sitting around patting each other on the back. This film is kind of the awkward opposite of that. I actually considered at a few points ditching it from the release, as sometimes I think it might not paint the best picture of me or the way I made the film, but it's not for me to say. Maybe I'm just being overly conscience as I really hate seeing myself on camera, let alone trying to string a sentence together. I'm far more comfortable behind the camera.
A friend saw it the other day and said it was one of the most truthful and revealing films about 'making a film'. I'm not sure it's all that, but as I said I find it hard to have an opinion on it. I hope people like it though. Jono and Tim worked really hard for along time for no money and I really appreciate all their time and effort.
So along with the film, which I think looks better in this digital transfer than the print, I hope we have created something that people will consider value for money and worth purchasing.
It should be available now in most (Australian) shops like JB Hi-Fi, Readings, KMart etc. And for rent in Video Ezy, Blockbuster etc, if it's not, ask for it. Or you can buy it online via Madman.
If it wasn't mine, I know I would be really keen to get my hands on it : )