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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

LA LA Land

Glendyn Ivin

Back home after a week of 'meetings' in LA. I now have a U.S agent and a head full of possibilities (not dreams). I have never had much interest in working in the U.S and in particular LA, but now, particularly after having made my first film, the idea of working in and/or via the U.S is a really exciting and much more defined opportunity.

Made some new friends as well as a chance to meet up with some old ones, including my good friend Mike (above) who was passing through at the same time I was there so we spent the weekend cruising around. Random shots below...

Strangely beautiful and a very particular quality of light in LA. Perhaps its all that pollution that hangs thick in the air that gives the hard sunlight a permanent diffusion. Although the shots above were mainly shot near Venice and down in Orange County where the sea mist was real thick. Very cool.

I've heard some pretty bad things about L.A, ad although I found it pretty hard to access at first but I think it's a city that slowly reveals reveals itself the more time you spend digging, I barely even scratched the surface. It has definatly wet my appetite for more.