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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin

These photos caught my eye on a blog and I followed the link through to LIFE magazine's website. The cinematic beauty of the images take on an altogether different vibe when you realise they are 'never-before-seen' photos of Adolf Hitler's home and office. I'm so taken with colour palette, colour grade and the quality of light in the photographs, but the reality behind the images is so disturbing. From the LIFE website... A rare look inside Hitler's apartment, what he saw each day, and how he lived. Between 1936 and 1945, Hugo Jaeger served as one of Adolf Hitler's personal photographers and was granted unprecedented access to the Fuhrer's private moments. Here are rare and never-before-published color images from Jaeger's astonishing collection.

Above : This 1938 photograph from Adolf Hitler's Chancellery office in Berlin, published in LIFE magazine in 1970, has an eerie domesticity about it. The telephone, the note pad, the flowers, the glimpse of a fringed lampshade in the mirror -- all of these items suggest a rather dull, comfortable, middle-class sensibility. Viewed now, however, the presence of Adolf Hitler's hat -- as if casually tossed there by a man arriving for work at his well-appointed office -- lends the otherwise placid scene a hint of brutality.