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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

Behind The Scenes

Glendyn Ivin

My friends Jono and Tim who shot all of the behind the scenes footage and are now neck deep in over 40 hours or so of footage that once cut down will eventually make it onto the DVD etc. They have been doing a great job (at making me look like a dill).

"235" as in an Arri 235, one of the most compact 35mm film cameras. It's light-ish (you couldn't really hold it like that picture shows for too long...) and portable, but it's not a synch camera which means you can't shoot and record sound at the same time, unless you want the sound of the camera whirring away in the back ground.

"M.O.S" stands for 'Mit Out Sound'. Deriving from an old Hollywood story where a German director asked for a shot to filmed 'Mit Out Sound', without sound, and the camera assistant complying and writing M.O.S on the slate.

We shot quite a few sequences of the film like this. "235 MOS" meant we could strip right back and work as a (even) smaller team, usually just 3 or 4 people, and work very quickly. I love shooting this way, it really frees you up. Depending on the set-up and what the scene requires what might normally take a 3-4 hours, might take an hour. Of course you can't shoot with synch sound, which means it will have to be created later in po$t.

Apart from just saving time though, I find it creates a far more direct and intimate shooting situation. And this above everything else is what I crave.