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Glendyn Ivin Photo a day project 2018


Glendyn Ivin

I really enjoyed taking a photograph everyday in 2016. I got alot out of the process and hopefully I took some good photographs. Often though i felt like I was relying on colour to make the image interesting. It was about aesthetic and not content.

In 2017 I'm going to continue the project , only this time I'm going to make it BLACK & WHITE and ONE LENS (50mm). I hope these stricter limitations will help me focus on content and composition more. I want to learn to see in black and white. Less mixed colour temps, more texture. Less beauty, more truth,  

The above photo is a tough one to start with. There was a huge thunderstorm coming through Tamworth where we are staying with family for Christmas. I jumped in the car with my son and raced up to the town look-out, a special place I have spent alot of time at over the years and especially growing up as a kid in Tamworth. The tough part though is the photo is much 'nicer' in colour... but hopefully there is something in the black and white version. 


Colour no more... wish me luck! Tamworth, N.S.W.