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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin

Those that know me a little will know I'm totally OCD when it comes to anything related to NIN and Trent Reznor. I recently posted about Trent's new side project How To Destroy Angels and am very happy to say that the new ep is now available for FREE at their website. Yes, for FREE!

Trent has pretty much given away his last few releases. His approach it seems to getting around the whole music piracy thing is to either give the music away, or sell it for very little via his own website. It's very clever. The thinking being, that the music is not a commodity but rather a creative asset, and part of much bigger and deeper, b(r)and / consumer relationship. Of course there will be a hard copy of the album for sale in a few weeks. I'll be waiting and paying happily for the vinyl! And if you followed the link to the free download, you'd see a bunch of other things you can 'buy' that can't be downloaded and digitally copied. See how this free thing works?!

Once again Trent and team have provided beautiful artwork. I'm so fascinated by the illustrations that adorn the album artwork and website. Such a beautiful colour palette, design and tone. Oh and the music is everything you would expect. There is a little bit of the last 6 NIN albums mixed with the smokey whispered vocals of Mariqueen Maandig. Do yourself a favour.