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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin


Glendyn Ivin


Secrets and Lies (60 pages, colour, hardcover) is a very limited edition book of photographs from The Cry. The images range from location scouting photos, portraits, behind the scenes, details and visual explorations many of which became frames in the series. There is also storyboards, script notes and an introduction. ) NB: Not for sale.


Excerpt from the introduction…

On one of our first days of shooting The Cry we were setting up for a scene between Ewen and Jenna in the backyard of ‘Elizabeths house’. In the scene, ‘Alistair’ schools ‘Joanna’ in how to behave in an upcoming press conference. We blocked and talked through the beats of the scene and now adjustments to lighting and camera were being made and there was the usual commotion of crew getting ready to shoot.

More often than not actors step off set during this time but Jenna chose to stay seated where the scene would take place. From behind my monitors I watched Jenna take a deep breath and gently closed her eyes and exhale. At first I thought it might be jet lag, but as the crew worked around her, Jenna sat still, eyes closed and seemingly unaware of the work going on around her. After five minutes or so, even when ‘final checks’ were called, her eyes remained closed as the hair and make- up departments moved in and made their final adjustments to her.

It wasn’t until all the crew had fallen silent and “Action!” was called that Jenna then opened her eyes and ‘Joan- na’s’ world, began. I realised then, that if we were to find our way through this complex story, I also had to filter out all the noise of the ‘real world’ and find myself present in the ever shifting, fractured realities of The Cry.

The images in this book are some of my own moments of stillness within those parallel realities that closely coiled around each other. The spiralling layers of tone, atmosphere, the look, the feel, the secrets and lies. The physical world of what we eventually called ‘the vortex’ of The Cry.