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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

Behind the Salt

Glendyn Ivin

Weekly updates to the Behind The Scenes section of the website will be posted over the next month or so. A snippet from the Salt Lake has just been put up. Apologies that all the BTS clips so far seem to feature me and in particular me sitting in the drivers seat of a car at some point. Some different perspectives coming up, I promise. I'm not sure about 'behind the scenes' in general though. As a fan-boy, I'm really into them, I love what they reveal and what you can learn from them. I remember watching some Aniversery Edition of the The Wizard Of Oz when I was a 14, and even though it was a VHS tape, it had a little featurette (not the actually footage I'm writing about, but similar) of some scratchy Super 8 that was shot on set of people in tree costumes waving their arms so the 'branches' moved and IT TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND! It wasn't just seeing behind the scenes, it was like peeling back the absolute veneer of make believe to the point where the film and most importantly the story, just fell apart infront of me. It was a little like finding out about Santa or the toothfairy not existing.

So I'm not crazy about seeing any BTS before I see a film. Because the last thing I want when I'm watching a film and totally engrossed in the drama, is to be reminded mid-scene about what was going on behind the scenes.

While I can see the benefit of sharing clips to tease and provide interest in the film pre-release, we have tried to cut and select clips that a) dont give anything away about the story, and b) doesn't reveal to much about the scene that you are seeing behind. And therefore jerking you out of the film when and if you see it. The clips are more about process and little access to the reality in which the film was made in.