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Glendyn Ivin Photo a day project 2018

Glendyn Ivin


I must admit. Even though I have found something liberating about not carrying my normal camera(s) around and relying only on my phone camera I do miss the method and process I have been practising over the last three and half years of daily uploads here.

Sure an image is image, but the way I work with my camera has become second nature and the photographing, downloading, editing and processing has all become an essential daily routine that has made the The Search such an essential part of my daily routine. The phone has convenience but it’s far from what draws me to making images regularly.

So forgive me if I’ve missed some days because it feel like a whole new habit to form. Hoping to return to my regular scheduled photography as soon as possible!

All of the above from Brunswick, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


The only camera I have right now is my phone and that was ok today. The Brunx, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


My battery charger for my M9 has died. So my ‘back-up’ camera (while my main camera) is getting fixed is now dead! I’m Leica-less! Maybe I will be iPhone only on The Search for a while… The Brunx, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Today I shaved the head of my dear friend Ragnar who is deep in chemotherapy and putting up the good fight.

Brunswick, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Took Ollie out to the spot I found last night. Preston, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Went and saw my friend Cindy Lee play in her band. Sandringham, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Melbourne city vs The Brunx. Sketch from my commute home today.

Glendyn Ivin


Intelligent, creative and engaged students at parent / teacher interviews today. Melbourne.