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Glendyn Ivin Photo a day project 2018

Glendyn Ivin


Love this corner… Been trying to get it in hard morning light… The Brunx, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Sammy finding the light. Leah Churchill Brown lurking in the shadows. Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


(I accidentally deleted the last two days so here they are again). My friend Amber on set for a commercial shoot. And hotel curtains of the apocalypse. Melbourne and Lancefeild, Victoria.

Glendyn Ivin


Rosebud daydreaming through the Burnley Tunnel. Richmond, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


My beloved M10 has had to go into the clinic for a much needed repair… So I’m back to my old faithful friend the M9. Brunswick, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Producers Alice Grant and Alex George apply the final touches to the preproduction document. Reminding me a little of a Tumblr I used to enjoy. Brunswick, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Special appearance of me by Sam. Found on my SD card today. Brunswick, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Tech recce for a commercial next week. (Near) Lancefeild, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Hanging with Nat, Markella and Claire (and Adrian not featured) after we watched The Cry go to air tonight… Brunswick, Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Then back to Melbourne for the Oz Cast and Crew screening of The Cry where it was great to see Markella. South Melbourne.

Glendyn Ivin


Natalie after dropping Rosebud off for her first day of high school. Then back to Sydney. Melbourne.