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Glendyn Ivin Photo a day project 2016

Glendyn Ivin


Sydney > Melbourne > Sydney > Melbourne > Sydney > Melbourne > Sydney. Kings Cross, N.S.W.

Glendyn Ivin

Producer Karen staying cool in the edit suite on 40 degree day. Newtown, N.S.W.

Glendyn Ivin

Drove to Newcastle for a friends funeral. Then went to my friend Matthew Thornes beautiful exhibition (above). Sad day, beautiful images. This ones for you KK x. Surry Hills, N.S.W.

Glendyn Ivin

Saw Moonlight (loved it!). Had dinner with Bonnie Elliot and her partner editing wizard Nick Meyers (above). Paddington, N.S.W.

Glendyn Ivin

Spent the afternoon / evening with two very different cinematic and deeply moving portraits.

FInally saw I, Daniel Blake by one of favorite filmmakers Ken Loach. So beautiful and humble. I need to get back to the Ken Loach back catalogue. His films were some of the first that blew my mind and sent me on this path as a filmmaker. 

Jackie was dream-like and beautiful to look at and listen to (Scored by one of my favorite composers!). Loved how focused and poetic it was!

Glendyn Ivin

One of only two photos I took today. This was the least worst. Toughies up the back of the bus... Sydney, N.S.W.

Glendyn Ivin

Flew back to Melbourne for the last day of the school holidays which called for a bit of 'land surfing' at my friend Mikes new place in Daylesford, N.S.W.