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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

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Glendyn Ivin

Slow posts of late... Firstly I got a new laptop so I've had the joy of transferring, updating, re-finding, sourcing software and plug-ins etc. All seems to be working fine now. But seriously, screw you iTunes. Surely there is a simpler way to transfer a music collection from A to B. Still missing huge chunks of my old library... argh! And why can't you export your playlists as a group and not individually. Dull. Also, I've re-located to Sydney and in pre-production for Puberty Blues 2. Let the games begin!


Glendyn Ivin

At the end of April I'm heading back to Sydney for Puberty Blues Series 2. I'll be setting the show up again, directing the first two and the last three episodes (5 of the 9 eps). I can't wait to get sucked back into that world. It feels like a best friend that I'm desperate to catch up with, span time and create new adventures together!

The above trailer is cut from the four episodes I directed from Season 1.


Glendyn Ivin

On Wednesday night Puberty Blues took home the AACTA award for BEST DRAMA SERIES! Below a very happy Brenna Harding who plays 'Sue', super producer Imogen Banks and Ashleigh Cummings who plays 'Debbie'. A small clip from the golden girls in the media room here.

A huge congrats to the entire team. Very proud of you all!


Glendyn Ivin

The very best of luck to the Puberty Blues cast members who are nominated in tonights AACTA Awards. Puberty Blues has scored seven nominations all up, including Best Drama Series. Very proud of these guys (and all of our cast of course!).

Brenna Harding, Best Young Actor

Ashleigh Cummings, Best Actress

Dan Wylie, Best Supporting Actor.

Susan Prior, Best Supporting Actress.


Glendyn Ivin

Flaming Youth, Photographs from Puberty Blues is now also available as an eBook here for AUD$4.99 (or click on the book cover, top right, for more info). The eBook is pretty much the same as the hardcover version except you can't feel the weight of it in your hands, or the texture of the paper on your fingertips or press your nose firmly to the page and inhale the sweet perfume of freshly printed ink. The eBook also costs a fraction of the price of the physical copy, which is a true indicator of the cost of nice paper, ink and boutique printing these days.

I could have just created an eBook, but I love, love, love the printed page and buy photographic books almost obsessively. Apart from actually taking photos (or making films), sitting and observing the work of others is the best education there is!

Also available on iTunes.


Glendyn Ivin

Here it is, Flaming Youth, a book of my photographs from Puberty Blues.

Available in two flavours.

1. Hardcover, 100 pages (AUD$75.00+p) HERE

2. eBook, 100 pages  (AUD$4.99) HERE

I started documenting the making of the show from the start. Like visual notes the photographs became part of the process of discovery of how the series would look and feel. From casting and location scouting to scene ideas, documenting a colour or how the light looked at a certain time of day. What worked, what didn’t. Portraits of actors I admire deeply. The people, places and things that make up the texture and tone of Puberty Blues.

Most of the time the photos were taken in the moments just before ‘Action!’ was called. Or in-between 'takes' to maintain focus and momentum throughout the stop / start rhythm of shooting. Brenna Harding (Sue) called it ‘the gap’. That small amount of precious time just before the cameras roll. I would sometimes take a quick shot just as that moment of transformation would take place, from 'actor' to 'character'.

Sometimes the photo would become the key on how to shoot a scene. A way of trying to find the essence, or a reduction to a single image. An attempt to find stillness in and amongst the chaos of a film shoot.

From the foreword, written by Alice Bell... This book is not a behind the scenes look at Puberty Blues (2012). It’s much quieter than that. It’s as if we’ve been invited to visit a world within the world of Puberty Blues. A place where these characters live and breathe. In Glendyn’s gentle and collaborative way he has captured moments that otherwise might have slipped away, a fleeting glimpse of untamed innocence found somewhere between the sunlight and the shadows. 


Glendyn Ivin

Just in time for the premiere of Puberty Blues (on air tonight!) comes the republishing of the original book by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey. Long out of print and off the shelves, the new edition has been co-published just in the nick of time by Text Publishing and Random House. "Puberty Blues is raw, humorous and honest: a compelling account of teenagers navigating the chaos of life. It is one of the great coming-of-age stories in Australia, and it remains as relevant now as when it was first written over three decades ago."

Even though the series was developed to expand the world of the characters beyond the pages of the book, it's the brutal honesty with which the story is told on the page that is the very essence of the story and we were very conscience to bring that same essence into the eight hours of TV.

As a huge fan of the book I was very chuffed that one of my photos of Debbie and Sue (taken on set while directing Episode 3) was used as the front cover image!



Glendyn Ivin

I arrived back home in Melbourne today after locking off my last episodes in Sydney yesterday. And tonight Network Ten aired a three and half minute (!!!) 'sneak peek' of Puberty Blues. I think we were all a little nervous of what a 'first look' might be like. But I think it sets a nice and inviting tone. It feels like the show in that it's ultimately warm and character based and there is just a sniff of some of the darker territory the actual show delves much deeper into. Cool that Ten are supporting the series so early on with such a generous chunk of airtime!

Both Ashleigh who plays Debbie and Brenna who plays Sue called me immediatly afterwards shrieking down the phone giddy with excitement!