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Glendyn Ivin Photo a day project 2016

Glendyn Ivin


 Can't wait for the Brunswick Roses to come into bloom so when I'm stuck for a photo of the day late at night I can focus on them rather than my default here... Brunswick, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Tears in the ADR studio with Nicole Chamoun. South Melbourne, VIC. 

Glendyn Ivin


Bruised clouds and love. Safe Harbour VFX notes. Brunswick, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Hazems turn at the Safe Harbour ADR mic. Port Melbourne, VIC. 

Glendyn Ivin


Sams here for the South Harbour colour grade. We went had Pho with the family in Preston. Rainy Eastern Freeway, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Fathers Day Yum Cha aftermath... Goldern Leaf, Preston, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Locked the final Safe Harbour episode today. Edit done. Very proud of what we have all made. Collingwood, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Rosebud on our way home from her Music Concert performance. Brunswick, VIC.