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Glendyn Ivin Photo a day project 2016

Glendyn Ivin

Daily landmark on my ride to the edit suite. North Fitzroy, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin

When I was a kid I loved the original Planet Of The Apes. It captured my imagination and scared the crap out of me as child.  I loved the darkness of the world and the characters so much that I have never been interested in the recent re-booting of the story. But this weekend I watched both RIse and Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes and I can't wait for the release of 'WAR' this week!... The tone of these films are incredible! Planet Of The Apes, Earth.

Glendyn Ivin

Sammy came and hung in the Edit room then we ate Pho. Richmond, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin

Riding home from the edit I found a shiny Ghost Car just waiting to be photographed. North Fitzroy, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin

Searching in the Safe Harbour edit. For the story, for the structure. for the tone. For the vibe of it... Collingwood, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin

Quick trip into the city (best photo of a bad bunch). Melbourne, VIC.