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Glendyn Ivin Photo a day project 2016

Glendyn Ivin


Natalie finding the light in the darkness of Westfield Doncaster Shopping Mall. VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Back to scouting in Melbourne with U.K Production Designer Mark Leese. Williamstown, VIC. 

Glendyn Ivin


London to Melbourne always confuses me as to where you lose the day. it all gets a little mushy in the lag. Two from the last day or two (or three?) Good to be home. Top: Heathrow Express Line. Bottom: Hong Kong Airport. 

Glendyn Ivin


Returned again to my favorite spot in Soho to shoot more of the 'The Descenders' series. Soho, U.K. 

Glendyn Ivin


DOP Sam Chiplin has arrived to begin the work...  Glasgow, Scotland.

Glendyn Ivin


A couple of days behind as I have been travelling and staying in the country where there has been no internet or phone coverage (!)... Road to Castlemaine, VIC.

Glendyn Ivin


Caught up with Brenna tonight and wandered through a summer storm... Brunswick, VIC.