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The process diary of film director Glendyn Ivin

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Glendyn Ivin

I'm one third into my block of new TV Drama Offspring. I have found the shooting schedule to be pretty comfortable. Of course everyone would always like more time, but it's not like I have been super rushed even though I do like to shoot quickly. We are shooting with two Red Cameras, which allows you to get through the coverage at a reasonable pace. I'm not the hugest fan of Red as a format, but I'm impressed by the image, and I've really enjoyed working with and getting know DOP John Brawly, who even after 9 weeks or so of shooting other eps, is still very much focused and enthusiastic. The cast as I expected are amazing. On more than one occasion I was happy to move on after one take, because I could see no real reason to do another. They just nailed it. I'm an even bigger fan of Asher Keddie and Kat Stewart after this week. There is alot of laughter and even though there is a ton of set ups to get through each day, the set is reasonably calm and relaxed. Just the way I like it. Here's hoping it it keeps going that way for the next couple of weeks. I know I have some 'bigger days' coming up...

All the car interiors are being shot on the Canon 5D. It has a different look to the RED, but I think with some tweaking in the grade it should cut it nicely. It definitely speeds up the process being able to throw a couple of 5D's into the car and the cast (Asher above) to just go for a drive for real. No more low-loaders or traffic lock downs because you have cameras hanging on cars.  It's cut the shooting time down immensely.


Glendyn Ivin

For the next six weeks or so I'm directing a block (2 episodes) of a new TV drama which will screen on TEN (Australia) later this year. Offspring is produced by Imogen Banks (Tangle) and  John Edwards who amongst many other great TV Shows produced the brilliant Love My Way. Offspring features a great cast, Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart and one of my favourite young actors Richard Davies to name a few.

I'm a few days into pre-production and so far so good. I'm surrounded by a great team. I have done very little TV drama and it's a very different machine to commercials, shorts and features. But I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in and seeing how I can make it work.

Sound Maker pt 3

Glendyn Ivin

The 'sound maker' film I just shot in Philadelphia is almost finished. Just a few more tweaks and couple of days of post. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post the finished film here, but I'll put it up ASAP. It's been a fast and furious edit, but I'm very happy with the way it's come together.

Here are some random frames I picked up from the cutting room floor...

Sound Maker pt 2

Glendyn Ivin

Have just wrapped the week shoot in Philadelphia. Such an amazing experience. I feel so privileged to have been invited so warmly into the lives of people who live in such a different world to mine. The last 7 days have felt like exploring outer-space.

The textures, places and faces of South Philly have left a lasting impression on me.

Tomorrow a short day in NYC! Then flying home to my family who I've missed alot.

And the edit suite...

Sound Maker pt 1

Glendyn Ivin

Thanks to everyone who contacted me with ideas for the 'sound maker' project. It's been a cool few weeks of discovery and I have been exposed to some totally amazing and very talented people out there in world. For the project we found an amazing 21 year old rapper in Philadelphia and I'm jumping on a plane in a few hours to go and spend a week making the short film. This is a bit of dream job for me. I have been wishing for a project like this for while. Something small, intimate and direct. The crew is essentially me and my assistant Ryley. We will have a some much appreciated production support on the ground in Phily.

What exactly are we shooting? Not sure yet... I have some ideas, but it's going to be very much on the fly, and that is what is most exciting to me. I feel with our subject, the location, the music and the time to explore a little, we have all the elements we need. Fingers crossed.

Everything we are taking to make the film is in the picture below (apart from my laptop and some sound gear we will get in Phily). It's scarily stripped back. It's freaking me out a little..!

But if you look you can see some cameras and some microphones and a roll of gaff tape. Thats all you need really need isn't it? I'm planning to shoot mostly on the 5Dmk2, I did cave in at the last minute and hired a Sony HD Cam (VP1) just incase what we end up doing isn't suitable for the 5D.

Bring it!